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PENDING INVOICES is the second chance feature. This gives the store location manager a second chance to review, edit, or delete an invoice before it is final. Detail managers will be able to look at the same screens that were used to submit the invoice. Detail Managers should be the only employee at that location able to approve pending invoices. PINs work regionally meaning if you move a manager from one location to the other within that region their PIN will work. 

How Pending Invoices works:
Pending MUST be approved DAILY. There has to be a request sent to the IT department in order to enable this feature. This feature requires a Pin like Edit time clock. If you do not have someone at the location with a Pin do not consider this feature. Once an Invoice is submitted in Single, Multi, or NVI (non Vehicle Invoice) the invoice will automatically be moved to Pending Invoices on the main menu. Managers can then go into Pending Invoices and review, edit, and approve. The manager can change the work code, or the detailer, and if a car was mis-scanned like in the wrong store the invoice can be totally deleted.

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I FLASH:::::::::::iPad version update messages: Instruct users to hit UPDATE. Takes 15 seconds.

DO NOT CONNECT the iPad to any Wi-Fi Network
1.) The printer uses Wi-Fi Direct to connect to the printer. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network it disables the connection to the printer.
2.) Connecting to a Wi-Fi network will cancel the T-Mobile connection, and you will not be able to sync.
3.) The system does not work well with two connections.
How Multi Car Un-Submitted works:
The reason this exist is to make sure that piecework, and revenue dollars are recorded in the correct week. Multi Car invoices allow a location to add multiple vehicles to one invoice. The invoice can stay open for the day, or in some cases for a week. All Multi car invoices should be submitted on a daily basis. If a multi car invoice is still open on Monday from the previous week it will show up on the Multi-Car Un-Submitted report as shown above.  Once you submit the invoice on Monday, and sync it will back date to Sunday, so the piecework and revenue is in the previous week. The system WILL NOT allow any new vehicles to be added on Monday. Plus, if they attempt to add a vehicle it will have a pop up message warning them to submit the invoice for last weeks payroll.
These two features directly effect Payroll and Billing