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Reports that tell the story like the Efficiency Report. This report pulls by Dealer only, then select Piecework, or Hourly. Teph Seal has a default minute guideline that is used in this calculation, and each location can be customized based on their process. If we have input the store minutes they will override the default minutes. GOTO Dashboard/Efficiency.
How it works:
The Performance Time (hrs) is the Teph Seal guideline for the number of minutes it takes to perform a service work code. Total (hrs) is the total time an employee has clocked in during your selected date range. Efficiency % is Performance divided by total hours.
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Go to Configure/Dealerships/Stores to confirm that all your default minutes are in place. Contact Dale Williams via email to get you up to date.
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Metro VW-Dallas
AutoNation Chevrolet-Dallas
AutoNation Chrysler-Dallas
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Rick Hendricks Toyota-Atlanta
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