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Time clock review was created so that the location manager can review, and approve all his employees time from the previous day on one single screen. Any corrections to the time clock should be made that day, or as soon as the next day.

If you don't measure it you can't IMPROVE  it............INFORMATION IS POWER

MOBILE LOCK and.....the key to success
Review screen on iPad
This is the iPad Screen after the mobile lock has taken place. Schedule exceptions, and weekly sign offs still work as normal
Payroll Mobile Lock:
The Payroll Mobile Lock is designed to lock the edit time clock feature on all iPads only. This lockdown will happen on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 PM. All adjustments should be completed by Tuesday at noon. This procedure will lock down the first, and second week of payroll. Once the Mobile Lock is in place, and all devices have synced the user will no longer be able to make time clock edits for those payroll weeks. If an edit is absolutely necessary the user must call the Corporate office to unlock the mobile device. Once the change is made and the device has synced that entry will become a Pending transaction. The Pending transaction will be have to be approved by the HR department to become final.
Inspect what you expect.
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Past history:
The majority of the edits that create pending transactions have been meal period inserts from previous weeks. This causes a tremendous amount of hours on a daily basis to continuously approve, or reject incorrect time. In most cases these entries are rejected because payroll has been processed.

Manage your People Not the time clock!
Edits would not be necessary if each employee clocks in and out for the end of day, and meal periods. Train, teach, and follow up with all employees and make sure they understand the clock in and out procedure.